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Welcome to the official website of Shaolin Temple Academy, proud to be a National Award Winning Martial Arts school winning the UK’s title as ‘The Best Combat Zone Gym of the Year 2016 -2017 & 2017 - 2018’ awarded by the National Fitness Awards.  We’re a School of Excellence and we’re dedicated to the practise of Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese culture.

The Academy specialises in a range of Chinese Martial Arts that is beneficial to children and adults such as Shaolin Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Soft & Hard Qi Gong (Iron Body Conditioning), Qin Na (Joint Locking), Shaolin Weapons, Shaolin Gymnastics and San Da (Chinese Boxing).


Our Mission


As a traditional Chinese martial arts school of excellence we aim to teach Chinese Martial Arts, culture and martial morals to a high degree.  

We want to help as many people in the local area to promote movement, health and teaching new skills with the influence of martial arts.  

We are committed to helping families build stronger bonds, spend time together by participating in fun activities and become more engaged with their communities.  

With several decades of education and skills we have learnt and applied through martial arts and self development, our goal is to pass this onto generations and help as many people develop a strong, positive and successful abundant life. 

The Academy



Shaolin Temple Academy is officially affiliated with the Shaolin Temple of China, and known to them as the UK Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks training base. 

All classes are personally taught by Shifu Yan Kun in the traditional Shaolin way. Shifu Yan Kun’s aim is to bring the Chinese teaching of traditional Gong Fu to the UK and to make a positive difference to our students lives.

We’ve cultivated National and International Champions in Shaolin Gong Fu and San Da. Our students have won 15 International medals representing Great Britain at the 9th and 10th International Shaolin Wushu Competition holding over 60,000 spectators and competing against 65 countries world-wide with over 1500 competitors. We won over 50 medals at the European Shaolin Championships competing against 30 European countries and winning over 100 medals at the National Championships with the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) in traditional forms and full and semi contact fighting. We are also proud to have won the title as the UK’s Best Combat school of the Year for two years in a row (2016-2017 and 2017-2018).

Our Master of the Academy, Shifu Yan Kun, British born, achieving the highest ranked non-Chinese in the world to achieve Dan 6 in Shaolin Gong Fu. He is a 34th Generation Disciple of Shaolin Temple China by the Abbot.

We’ve changed many students’ lifestyles and behaviour from aggressive youths causing fights on the streets to now strong minded individuals committing to giving to their community and spreading Shaolin culture. We have a strong family community as we’re committed to helping and guiding students achieve their goals.

We have helped many students build their confidence, find their identity within a positive environment and committed to focusing their energy into becoming successful whether it be in training, education, or work.




At Shaolin Temple Academy, not only do we teach students at high standards but we also care about each  individual student.  The academy is known for its warm family environment and we give our personal attention to all students.  We have a very welcoming atmosphere at the academy and aim to help our students achieve results and help them with their goals no matter how big or small. 


The academy has positive team spirit and all students motivate one another and support each other.  We understand that each student is unique and have different abilities therefore we push all students to their own level.


We're very serious about what we do and not only do we physically train our students; we also mentally train them.  Each class that is taught, it is taught with passion and heart.  


Gong Fu translates to 'hard work', we teach our students Gong Fu, not only at the academy but also with their school work, college work or at the work place.  We teach our students to continue their 'Gong Fu' outside the academy and to work hard within their everyday life.  


At Shaolin Temple Academy, we're more than a martial arts academy, we're a family and we welcome you to become a part of our growing family.

Why Join Us

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