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Shaolin Gong Fu

Shaolin Gong Fu is among the oldest institutionalised style of Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Gong Fu originated and was developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in Henan province, China. In 495 AD, the first monk who preached Buddhism was the Indian monk Buddhabhadra, simply called ‘Batuo’ by the Chinese. After Batuo, another Indian monk, Bodhidarma, simply called ‘Damo’ by the Chinese, came to Shaolin in 527 AD and was considered the founder of Shaolin Gong Fu.


At Shaolin Temple Academy, our main syllabus is based on traditional Shaolin Gong Fu.  The training at the academy replicates the training in China and focuses on flexibility, fitness, power, speed and agility.  It is an external martial art and is very dynamic.  Shaolin Gong Fu is non-contact and has fighting applications in the forms that is taught. 

We teach a full range of traditional Shaolin fist forms, 18 Shaolin Weapons, Tong Zi Gong (flexibility skill) and imitation boxing (animal forms, such as mantis, tiger, monkey and eagle form).  We have a reputation for excellence as all students are taught to a high standard and the traditional way.  Each student is taught all manoeuvres precisely and explained the technicality of each movement and form.


Shaolin Gong Fu is an excellent skill to learn as it teaches discipline, respect and culture. We aim to train the mind as well as the body.  In order to become a good student, it begins with the mental motivation and self-belief.  No matter what level the students are, we believe every student can become a great student with effort and determination.


This martial art is suitable for all ages, starting from the age of 4+.

San Da (Chinese Boxing)

San Da also known as Sanshou means “Free Hand”.  The word San Da translates to free fighting, it is a Chinese hand to hand combat, self defence system and combat sport. San Da takes its inspiration the forms and practices embraced by great Shaolin Chinese Masters from the beginning of the 20th Century, in particular Wang Tzu Ping whose teaching went into the foundation of the Central Martial Arts Academy (Nanjing) in 1928.

San Da is a modern day form of defence and we teach to a full contact level.  Our techniques involve timed outdoor runs, hardcore circuit training, intense punches, powerful high kicks, explosive low kicks, high speed take down and throws. Our classes focus on stamina, fitness and conditioning. 

This class is an excellent way to get fit as well as learning techniques for self-defence.   Students who have been training to an intermediate and advance level are allowed to spar at a full contact level.  San Da is physically demanding which helps to develop and improve stamina, increase flexibility, power and strength. Balance with Co-ordination is also improved. 

We offer children and adult San Da classes, the class is mixed ability; all the classes are suitable for beginners and we accept students from the age of 4+

Tai Chi (Tai Ji)

The origins of Tai Chi go back many hundreds of years. The person who is traditionally credited as being the 'founder' of Tai chi is the monk Zhang San Feng, who was stationed at the Wu Dang monastery, and, depending upon sources, lived somewhere between 960AD and 1460 AD.

The theory is that Zhang San Feng originated a style that combined both existing combat techniques and other movements.  Tai Chi is known to be a healing art and we have worked with the Stroke Association teaching Stroke survivors Tai Chi and soft Qi Gong in order to help movement, coordination and balance. Tai Chi is an excellent way to build up the body’s immune system and to cultivate the body’s vital energy known as ‘Qi’ (Chi). 


Tai Chi’s soft martial techniques benefit health, longevity, blood circulation, breathing, balance and concentration.  Meditation is incorporated in our Tai Chi classes; Tai Chi practitioners benefit from low stress levels and find they become more energetic in their daily lifestyle. Tai Chi encourages meditative body movements that were originally designed for self-defence and to promote inner peace and calm.

We specialise in Chen style Tai Chi which is one of the oldest documented methods of Tai Chi and originates from the Chen family village in Henan Province of China. This class is suitable for all especially for those who are looking to get back into exercise, recovering from an injury, pregnancy or haven’t exercised in years and it’s a great way to build up the confidence to exercise more frequently.

Suitable for all beginners, children and adults can participate in this class, age of 10+

Weapons and Gymnastics




We offer Shaolin Weapons classes for all levels (including beginners).  We teach the traditional Shaolin Weapons from the Shaolin Staff (stick) form to the Da Dao (big heavy sword) form. The first four weapons that are taught are the staff, broad sword, straight sword and spear. Shaolin Weapon Forms is part of our grading syllabus, this class demonstrates excellent co-ordination, speed and power.




Our Shaolin Gymnastic classes focus on the acrobatic aspect of performing Shaolin Gong Fu and is mainly used for performances. We teach back flips, back tucks, jump kicks, no hand cartwheels, no hand head flips and more. This class is an additional part to our syllabus and is taught hand in hand with Shaolin Gong Fu. This class is suitable for all ages, teaching adults and children from the age of 4+.

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