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1. How does it work?

Please call or email us to book in for your first classes, all new students are able to try 2 non-member classes to trial the classes before joining as a member.  We require students to become members to purchase annual insurance to be able to train.  Once students are members, you can decide how many times a week you want to train.  We offer many different options to train, either once a week, two classes a week or unlimited access to the classes.


2. I am a beginner and never practised martial arts before, what am I to expect?

 For our Shaolin Gong Fu classes that last for an hour, the first 10 minutes we warm up which includes high intensity aerobic exercises. After the warm up we then focus on basic stances (such as forward stance, side stance), then move onto Shaolin kicks (forward kicks, inside kicks, outside kicks). Once the Shaolin kicks have been practised, we then focus on learning the forms.  The last 10 minutes of the class we then perform the cool down and focus on stretching and flexibility.


For our San Da classes we focus on 10 minutes warming up involving high intensity training and then we will work on fitness.  We then move onto punching drills and kicking manoeuvres.  Students will be trained on the technicality in punching and kicking.  We also teach how to do take downs and throws in the classes.  Every class taught is different.  For beginner stages we focus on fitness and technicality. For more advance students will be partnered up on sparring.


For our Shaolin Gymnastics class, the first 10 minutes we warm up which includes high intensity aerobic exercises then we focus on cartwheels, no hand cartwheels, back flips and flexibility. We have a bespoke made air track that helps build confidence when training and also improves your technicality and speed.  An air track is a long track pumped with air to help aid your gymnastic training and will break your fall if you did fall when practising a manoeuvre.


At Shaolin Temple Academy we operate as a big family and welcome everyone from any background whether a novice or an advance level.


3. What should I wear for my first class?

Your first class you can wear loose clothing such as jogging bottoms (or shorts) and a t-shirt and for footwear you can train in bare feet (with socks).

 4. Are there beginner classes?

It is a mixed ability class where we focus on the building your foundations of martial arts.  We have a mixture of intermediate and advanced students who train in the class that allows you to see the stages where you can go and progress.


5. Can I do a free trial class?

Due to high demand in our classes we do not offer free trials however you can trial our class as a non-member for £10 per child and £15 per adult or you can look in our Offers section which will highlight any special offers of the month.  Please email us for a term fee timetable.


6. Do we get family discounts?

We offer a 10% discount on the annual membership fees and on an annual term fee if you have three family members or more.


7. How many times a week should I train?

As much as you can.The more you train the better you become.  We encourage students to study, learn and train as much as they can around their lives.

8. How quick can I be a black belt?

This is down to the individual.  Again this will come down to how much you train and learn.  We focus more on students being a good martial artist than being a black belt fast.  As a school of excellence, we focus on building your foundations strong and getting your martial arts solid.

9. What are your prices?

Please email us for our term fees and timetable.


10. How often are gradings?

Gradings occur 4 times a year. We have a spring, summer, autumn and end of year grading. A grading invitation will be sent to those who are ready to grade.


11. I’m not fit and will wait to get fit before I come to a class, how fit do you have to be to join?

We are here to get you fit.  Please do not think you should not attend the class until you are fit and ready.  Whatever your goals are in starting with Shaolin Temple Academy, we are here to help you achieve that.  Your action in participating and consistency is the key to achieving fitness and results!


12. Can I attend a different class if I miss one?

If you are on a pay as you go scheme, you are able to select any day to train.  However you cannot carry over any outstanding classes onto the following week.


13. What is the youngest age you accept?

We start teaching from as young as 4 years old.


14. What is the oldest age you accept?

We do not limit any age range, if you are able to move and you have the heart to learn, then we have the passion to teach you.


15. Do you teach Special Educational Needs children/adults?

Yes, we specialise in this.Our Head Master, Shifu Shi Yan Kun has years of experience in teaching children with SEN such as autism, ADHD, Dyslexia.  We have also taught adults who are Stroke Survivors and have experience in handling special cases.  We understand that everyone is different and our aim is to educate and train students the best way in their learning styles.

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